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Smart Sensing Snake

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Smart Sensing Cat Toy Rattlesnake Interactive Electronic Toys For Cats Usb Charging Cat Accessories For Pet Cats Game Play Toy
1.Turn on the switch S-type crawling. When encountering obstacles, the eyes will flash and will automatically turn back and turn, the tongue can be stretched, the tail swings, and it will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about 1 minute. Tap the snake head to enter the playing state
2.Snake will fun for Halloween Christmas party tricks as a prankster, for everyone's sake as soon as you come up with a really good scheme

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Buddy Spinka

I have a rechargeable toy bought for my dog to play with

Cristina Turner

Lots of fun. Moves so fast I've had to really work at getting my reflexes up to speed so I don't run into things with it.

Brandyn Roob

My dog went nuts over this. This works really well.

Rebeca Kling

This is very good for my cat :-)

Keaton Miller

My cat is really fascinated by this curious gizmo! It's pathing is good and avoids hitting things pretty well. Works best on a flat even surface