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Smart Interactive Ball Toy For Cat

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Reduces boredom and increase your cat’s activity, thus bringing more fun to your cat.


Simulate Real Sounds Simulate the real sounds of three different animals to attract cats’ attention and stimulate cat’s hunting nature. The sounds of balls of different colors are different: blue-frog, yellow-cricket, pink-bird. Smart Tap Trigger The cat toy ball has a built-in high-sensitivity sounder. As long as the cat's paw slightly touches the ball, it will make a

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Connor Feeney

The toy is soft and fluffy, it does not squeak loudly. The cat liked it.

Cydney Kuphal

The toy liked the cat. For so long I have not seen him play a toy. What's true, batteries are very easy to move away and the toy stops squeaking

Blanche Conroy

Very cool toy, the cat is delighted, already all its saliva) it is not clear how much the battery is enough, but while it works

Kennith Wuckert

The parcel was 1,5 months before the RB. The ball is pleasant, soft. Cats immediately stick to it. Than it is impregnated, because With a box, too, were worn. When moving, the ball makes the sounds of trill birds, not loud, very gentle. Kotanam was 5)

Rocio Swaniawski

The order went to Kharkiv a little more than a month. Cool ball, the sound of birds is not obsessive. When the cat is played, it does not interfere. Cat likes the ball. With the seller did not communicate